Grout Repairs

How To Repair Grout in South Africa 2-5mm

Does your tiling need a makeover?

Once your tiling grout has become soiled and dirty beyond cleaning methods it is time to redo your grout.

Removing The Grout

Best way to remove grout is with a grout saw. Run the blade along the grout joints to remove the old grout. Once the grout has been removed from the joints clean the area thoroughly. Use an industrial vacuum cleaner for best results.


Grout is available at all major hardware stores in South Africa. We recommend using Tylon-Weber Grout.  

You will need the following tools and materials to complete your grouting project.




Waterproofing Liquid


Clean cloth



Builders Sponge

Grout Squeegee

Broom or Vacuum


Grouting Instructions

  1. Mix the grout by following the instructions on mixing up the grout. Grout should be the consistency of a smooth paste.
  2. Apply the grout with a grout squeegee.
  3. Use the  builders sponge to clean up excessive grout and keep a bucket of warm water close to rinse the sponge regularly.
  4. Once the excessive grout has been cleaned from the tiles leaving the grout in the joints only leave the grout to dry.
  5. When the grout is dry clean the tiles with warm water and allow to dry.
  6. Polish the tiles with a clean dry face cloth.


  • Add liquid  Tylon Weber waterproofing liquid to the grout before tiling. This will waterproof the grout and protect it from stains and mould and will make it stronger.