Hardware Stores

Our Favorite Hardware Stores In Cape Town

Southern Suburbs; City Bowl; Atlantic Sea Board

Building Supplies

No.1 PennyPinchers

Penny Pinchers is our favourite hardware store in Cape Town when it comes to building supplies. Penny Pinchers have a wide range of building materials. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Parking and accesibility is good.

Paint Suppliers

No.2 Lt Discount

LT Discount is situated in Woodstock. They have the best prices in cape Town and they are fully stocked with the freshest of paint. There is plenty of parking space and their staff is very knowledgeable paint salesman.

No.3 Mica hardware Stores

Mica Hardware store is a great general purpose hardware store. Typically used by home owners who need a few items and paint for smaller home projects. Not used by the contractor who is looking for good deals on paint or building materials. Great for small bits and peaces as they have a wide range of stock.

No.4 Jack Hammers

Jack hammers is a good general hardware store in Cape Town. Their prices are good and we often use Jacks for materials when we fall short on materials for larger projects.

No. 5 Hawkes and Findley Hardware

Hawkes and Findley hardware store is an old fashioned store and the plus of this hardware store is it stocks high quality tools which can be difficult to find. There goods can be a bit pricey though.