Beam Work

How To Install A Steel Beam

Open Plan Living

Modern living has called for open plan living and many owners decide to go with the trend of opening their living space.

Removing Walls

Removing walls takes careful consideration before one can remove it and an engineer is often called in to measure load capacities regarding the beam type and method statement.


Depending on the type of building, the roof, slab or ceiling needs to be propped before the demolition process begins. Once the roof structure has been propped with steel props the wall can be demolished.

Beam Preperations


Piers are vertical uprights which are built to carry the beam. Piers can be tied in to existing walls and given additional foundations to provide strength for heavy loads.


The beam can be carried by the existing walls. Holes are broken out of walls and the beam is inserted into the hole.


Padding is made from high strength concrete and is placed on top of the pier or inside the wall to provide a solid and level pad for the beam to rest on.

Beam Caulking

Caulking is the term given to compacting dry non shrink grout between the gap created between the structure the beam is carrying and the beam itself.

Once the concrete grout, mortar and concrete has cured the props can be removed.