Maintenance Tips – Cape Town


Leaving your woodwork to deteriorate will allow moisture to penetrate your woodwork. Moisture and water is the No. 1 reason for wood to begin decaying. Once decay sets in it will be impossible to  reverse the damage. Prevention is better than cure applies famously when it comes to house maintenance.

Top 3 woodwork tips

  1. When painting raw wood make sure you follow the correct procedures  for priming allowing the primer to penetrate the wood work.
  2. Always make sure previously coated woodwork is never left exposed as water will find its way in and decay sets in.
  3. Make sure joints between woodwork and mortar as closed with a quality acrylic sealer and make sure you prepare the surfaces correctly before applying the sealant.


Once again water is the the No.1 cause for plaster deteriorating which in turn leads to damp problems. Damp problems result in mould problems and water damages paint work.

Top masonry maintenance tips

  1. Repair cracks in your walls and find the reasons for them having cracked.
  2. Repaint peeling or cracked paintwork.
  3. Resolve causes for damp problems and have them fixed.